SmokeFreeBrain finished!

SmokeFreeBrain finished!

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After a challenging but yet exciting journey, the SmokeFreeBrain Project has reached a Milestone, the Milestone of the official completion of the Project. During this journey, the SmokeFreeBrain and its Partners have proceeded to actual changes, helping smokers to quit by providing several methods for smoking cessation.

Thus, we could say that one of the many phases of the SmokeFreeBrain narrative is about to be completed, yet another one, even more, important is about to start. SmokeFreeBrain has provided the know-how on methodological models and assessment of cost effectiveness.

The footprint of our project will remain in time and in the actions that will follow. The sustainability of our ideas, our approach and our efforts, is not only a successful outcome of a rather difficult, by the very nature of it, project but an outcome for which the consortium remains proud.

We should not forget to mention the DG Health Medical research and the challenge of ageing for accepting our proposal to present our project there, the consortium for the magnificent work that has carried out all those months and of course the thousands who together with our pilots to help smokers quit!

Thank you all!

31 October 2018