SmokeFreeBrain consortium is a trans-disciplinary, inter-cultural, multi-sector team that jointly brings in all the expertise, knowledge, and tools that are necessary for the success of the project. It also brings in a strong resource base of personnel, equipment, and from synergies with other projects that guarantees the fundamental building block upon which the project can develop successfully.

All required competencies are present addressing multiple participants from the stakeholder ecosystem to provide the required clinical (AUTH, SAS, IPBV, NAGPB), health IT (AUTH, SAL, TMU), health economics (UPRC), technical/analysis (USE, SGUL, UNISAP, AAISCS), piloting/trials (AUTH, SAS, AAISCS, UNISAP, SGUL, IPBV, NAGPB), policy (PHE/DH, NAGPB, UPRC) and commercial (NGNC, AAISCS, SAL) experience, evaluated in two (2) LMIC countries are partners (NAGPB, IPBV).

The consortium in a nutshell:

  • Management / Coordination Capacity: The co-ordinator has successfully managed 4 large project before. AUTH is ISO certified in research project management
  • Lung Disease/Respiratory and Sleep study expertise: 4 well performing public clinical pulmonologist teams are engaged (AUTH, SAS, NAGPB, IPBV) and two private ones (through NGNC and AAISCS)
  • Smoking Cessation & Patient/Subject reach: 4 smoking cessation units are involved (AUTH, PHE/DH, SAS, IPBV) which account for a large number of incoming patients to choose from
  • Technical development/So-Lo-Mo/Usability: Capable teams that have already developed and successfully used research products guarantee the prompt production of the app (SAL, AUTH, USE)
  • Analysis: All kinds of analyses are well performed through teams with excellence in their respective fields: Neuroscience (UNISAP, AAISCS, AUTH); Toxicological (AUTH, SGUL, NGNC); biochemical (SAS, AUTH, IPBV); respiratory (SAS, AUTH, NGNC, NAGPB); genetic (PHE/DH); epigenetic (AUTH); health economics (UPRC); usability and data mining experiments (AUTH, USE), social media analysis (SAL, SAS)
  • Data handling and ethics: Teams at AUTH, SGUL, PHE/DH, SAS have registered/certified experts for clinical data handling, sample management, anonymisation, and ethics compliance
  • Clinical Trial Registration and Open Research: The co-ordinator is experienced in registering clinical trials through the AUTH account ( AUTH through the link with OKFN will manage the needs for Open Research
  • Health Impact/Policy formation/change: Almost all partners have access to clinicians, medical students and teachers, other Medical Institutions, Health Societies and Associations, Health Policy Makers
  • Sustainability capacity: The 3 commercial partners will engage into sustainable actions beyond the project end; Academic partners (AUTH, SAS, UNISAP, SGUL) will fuse project results within the teaching and learning activities in the University curricula; AUTH will expand through the ePBLnet consortium to other education networks; NAGPB and IPBV will take over continuing and life long learning actions